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Between Attacks and Hope: Historical Context Palestine – 2 –

2. Historical Context Palestine To fully understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is crucial to examine the Palestine Historical Context, which traces its roots from the era of the Ottoman Empire, runs through the period of the British Mandate in Palestine, and comes to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, with subsequent events […]

Between Attacks and Hope: Main Actors in the Palestinian War- 3 –

3. Main Actors in the Palestinian War. The conflict between Israel and Palestine, often referred to as the “Palestinian war,” has been shaped and intensified by a variety of key actors. These actors, who hail from both the Palestinian territory and Israel, have played crucial roles in shaping the trajectory of the Palestinian war over […]

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Between Attacks and Hope: Analysis – 1 –

Introduction: Provide an overview of the conflict, including its historical beginnings and central issues. Historical Context: Explore the historical roots of the conflict, including territorial and religious claims, and the key events that shaped the current situation. Main Actors: Analyze the main actors involved in the conflict, such as the Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority, […]